Repiping an entire home is an extensive plumbing procedure where old, poorly functioning plumbing lines are removed and replaced with new, state-of-the-art pipes and valves.

In this article we will learn what is and is not included in a repiping project, signs you may need a repiping, and what to expect if you agree to have your home repiped. We will look at the benefits of repiping so you can make an informed decision as to whether or not you are a candidate.

What Is Whole Home Repiping?

Many people mistakenly believe that a repiping of their home will include the replacement of their entire plumbing system but this is not the case. A whole home repiping will include the removal and replacement of the following:

  • all water lines including lines to individual fixtures
  • new hose connections
  • new valves located beneath sinks and toilets
  • a new water main shutoff to the house

A repiping will not include the water main from the city to your meter or from the street into your home. It will not include the replacement of your drain lines or your hot water heater 

Signs A Repiping Is Needed

To know if you need a repiping it is important to understand the signs of failing plumbing. Older homes with aging plumbing are ideal candidates. Homes containing galvanized steel pipes are subject to pipe corrosion and those that contain copper piping are prone to pinhole water leaks from acidic water. These pipe materials should be replaced with more durable, corrosion-resistant piping.

Frequent drain clogs may indicate you need new pipes. Every homeowner will at one time be faced with a clogged toilet or a tub that is slow to drain. These are usually easy fixes requiring a plunger or plumbing snake to repair. However, if you find you are calling your plumber more and more often to address pipe blockages then it may be time to repipe.

Rust is another sign your plumbing is in trouble. Corroding pipes produce rust as iron in the metal pipes is exposed to the oxygen in the water. Rust overtime eats away at the pipe and if enough rust forms it can block the flow of water causing low water pressure and undrinkable water.

The only build-up to be concerned about is not only rust but minerals originating in hard water. Minerals such as calcium and magnesium are responsible for blockages in pipes, plumbing fixtures, and water-using appliances and will shorten their life spans. 

Plumbing systems rife with leaks are a good indicator your home needs to be repiped. If left unattended your pipes will burst causing costly and extensive damage and a guaranteed repiping job.

Finally, water pressure that is consistently high will place undue stress on plumbing pipes and joints and cause them to fail requiring replacement. It will also shorten the life span of plumbing fixtures such as toilets and tubs and appliances. 

What To Expect When Getting A Re-Pipe Project Done

Once you agree that your plumbing system is failing and you need a whole-home repiping here is what you can expect.

After a careful and thorough inspection of your current plumbing system, your plumber will draw up a detailed plan for removing and replacing your plumbing pipes and valves.

They will then turn off the water supply to your home and drain the system of all water in the lines.

Next, they will cut holes in your ceilings and drywall so the current plumbing can be more easily accessed and the installation of new piping materials completed. They likely will use copper, PEX, PVC, or CPVC piping material as the replacement as it is durable, corrosion-resistant, and has a long life span. 

Once the replacement system is in place the plumber will run a test to identify any leaks and be certain the new system is water-tight before the drywall is repaired.

On average, the entire process should take between 3 days to one week. Every effort is made to work in stages so you are not left without water the entire time. 

Benefits Of Repiping

As stated, repiping is a big deal but the benefits far exceed the inconvenience of a few days of construction. Some of the benefits you will enjoy are as follows:

  • Clean fresh water running throughout your home.
  • Strong water pressure
  • Leak and clog-free pipes
  • Properly draining the plumbing system
  • No more emergency plumbing service calls draining your pocketbook
  • Durable, long-lasting pipe material
  • Lower water bills due to the elimination of leaks

Looking To Schedule A Whole-House Repipe In Orange County?

Signing up for a whole-home repiping is an expensive and daunting endeavor that frightens many Orange County homeowners. However, if the signs of plumbing failure are present it is wise to end constant repair efforts and commit to a plumbing system replacement. 

Not only will you increase your water quality, but you will also be adding value to your home with a new plumbing system. By eliminating discolored water, low pressure, and clogged and leaking pipes you are guaranteeing your family’s safety and comfort and yourself peace of mind. That alone is reason enough to repipe your home!

Whether you are located in Laguna Niguel, Newport Beach, Irvine, Huntington Beach, or the rest of Orange County, we can help! Our team of repiping plumbers has decades of experience repiping Orange County homes. Contact us today for a free repiping estimate!

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