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Poor Water Quality

Maintaining good water quality in your home is critical for your family’s health. Poor water quality can lead to serious health issues such as nausea, cramping, and other illnesses. Here are some signs of poor water quality.

-Murky Water

-Chlorine Smell

-Sulfur Smells

-Tinted Water

-Oily Water

-Metallic or Bitter Taste

-Blue Green Stains

Reasons For Poor Water Quality

There are many reasons that you might have bad water quality in your home. Most of the causes are related to your local community’s water supply. Water in certain parts of the country can contain more chemicals, minerals, or toxins that reduce the quality of the water. Some other reasons might have to do with the quality of your plumbing pipes. Corroded pipes can contaminate your water supply. Poor water quality can also be a sign that you have a slab leak. In homes that are built on concrete slabs, when water supply lines crack and allow soil to get in the pipe, it can contaminate your water supply.

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