Although mostly hidden from view, your plumbing is an integral part of your home and greatly affects your quality of life. When your plumbing is not functioning properly you may need to investigate the problem and perhaps replace worn or damaged pipes. However, if your pipes have been in service for a long period of time, especially pipes that were installed prior to World War II,  it may be time to consider a whole-house repiping job. This determination should be made by a reliable plumber with the expertise to make a sensible evaluation. Here are some clues you can look for that indicate your home’s plumbing may be in trouble.

Water Quality

If your water is becoming discolored it may indicate your home needs new pipes. Brownish-colored water, which can stain your bathroom fixtures as well as ruin your laundry, is usually a sign your pipes are beginning to rust. You will want to first determine if the rusty water is coming from your city water supply or from your own pipes. An easy way to find an answer is to turn on your water and allow it to run for a minute or two. If the water begins to clear up you know your pipes are the problem. If it was coming from your city water supply it would stay discolored regardless of how long the water ran. Rusting pipes can lead to further problems like leaking or even bursting pipes so it is best not to ignore early signs of trouble.

Low Water Pressure

Slow running water may be a sign that you have low water pressure. Over time certain types of pipes can corrode and rust. The resulting sediments can collect along the inside of the pipes and restrict water flow. Sometimes pieces of rust or scale can even be found in the water supply which is unpleasant at best and may indicate potential health issues down the road. Replacing your old and worn pipes with PEX piping is recommended since it is less susceptible to corrosion and costs less than traditional copper pipes.

Leaking Pipes

There are many reasons your pipes may be leaking. Loose-fittings, invasive tree roots, or clogs may be the culprit but sometimes the pipes themselves may be deteriorating and need to be replaced. A good method for seeing hidden piping behind walls and ceilings is to use a video camera to look for the cause of your leak. A reliable plumber will be able to quickly assess your issue and will advise you if a whole-house repiping is required or just a simple repair. 

Noisy Pipes

There are many reasons for plumbing to make noises in your home. High pressured water, pipes clogged with mineral sediments, and loose pipe mountings are common causes and should be addressed. However, sometimes unusual noises can indicate more significant problems which may require repiping by a professional.

Repiping a home is no small feat. It can take a few days but often times it requires weeks of work and can leave homeowners without water as different sections of the home’s plumbing are replaced. It is important to address any apparently small plumbing problems before they grow into big problems and, if necessary, tackle the big job of replacing all of your pipes to ensure an efficiently running home. Knowing your house is in order will bring you security and peace of mind.

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