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PEX Tubing

Cross-linked polyethylene (PEX), a type of flexible plastic, is currently replacing traditional copper and galvanized steel as water supply lines in commercial and residential plumbing systems. PEX tubing is typically blue or red in color and is made of plastic. You can find PEX tubing at any hardware store, where knowledgeable salespeople are willing to help you choose the right PEX piping system for your project. Repiping plumbers will use PEX mainly for water supply lines.

PEX Benefits

PEX tubing is maintenance-free, safe to use with chemical compounds such as fertilizers or killers, and even resists the corrosive effects of salt. PEX tubing makes your home safer by cutting the risk of scalding, reducing the number of burst pipes, and cutting installation costs for PEX tubing system repairs. PEX tubing is also easy to install through small access ports either during new construction or as part of remodeling projects since PEX tubing is lightweight, flexible, and can turn corners without crimping. PexFoam™ insulation also allows PEX piping systems to hold their shape when heated, even under intense operating conditions.

PEX Disadvantages

The one drawback that PEX systems have had in the past was that they couldn’t be used with natural gas lines because PEX pipe materials are combustible. An innovation called Firestop Pex™ PEX tubing can now be used with natural gas lines, solving the PEX pipe problem once and for all. PexFoam™ insulation also allows PEX piping systems to hold their shape when heated, even under intense operating conditions.

PexProtect™ Coating

Whether you are installing PEX tubing for new construction or remodeling projects, it’s important to protect yourself against the threat of PEX system leaks caused by cracks in exposed PEX tubing exposed to ultraviolet light from the sun. The best way to prevent PEX system leaks is by installing PexProtect™ Plus coating on exposed PEX piping before installation. You can’t depend on paint alone since this will just wear away quickly due to constant exposure to water flow through your newly installed PEX piping system. Here are some benefits:

  • PexProtect™ Plus PEX tubing coating will last for the life of your PEX tubing piping system, protecting it against PEX pipe corrosion and PEX pipe leaks that can cost thousands in water damage.
  • PexProtect™ offers a smooth surface so you can have clean, slow-flowing water through your PEX piping system with no clogging or deposits sticking to the inside walls of PEX tubing.
  • PexProtect™ also allows you to insulate PEX piping systems while continuing to leave access ports open for repairs without cutting any insulation or felt material away since Pexprotect™ has 3 layers; polyethylene topcoat that protects against UV damage, PEX base layer that resists corrosion, and PEX insulation that creates a thermal barrier between PEX piping systems and water.
  • PexProtect™ comes in 12 different colors so PEX tubing installations look beautiful inside your home all the way to the PEX connection valves.

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