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Pipe Corrosion

Pipe corrosion is common when water does not flow properly through the pipelines. There are several factors that contribute to corrosion, including corrosion in hard-to-reach places and corrosion caused by poorly constructed pipes.

Corrosion is the act of deteriorating or rusting metal piping through a chemical reaction with oxygen in air or water. If corrosion goes untreated, it can lead to leaks and cracks within the plumbing system. Although pipe corrosion is difficult to identify at times, there are signs you can look out for in order to detect issues early on before they become severe problems.

How Can You Detect Pipe Corrosion?

There are a couple of ways you can tell if your plumbing system has corrosion issues. If your faucet handles are stiffer to use than usual, there is a good chance corrosion has taken hold. Low water pressure throughout your entire house is another sign of corrosion in the plumbing system. Watch out for corrosion issues with oxygen corrosion and copper corrosion specifically.

Oxygen corrosion occurs when metal piping is exposed to high levels of dissolved oxygen molecules in the surrounding water, which leads to deep pitting corrosion on the surface of metals like iron, steel, and copper. Oxygen corrosion can be found near aerators because all it takes for this type of corrosion to happen is air mixing with water while water flows through pipes. If you see deposits or rust around where the aerator meets the pipe, you likely have an oxygen corrosion problem at hand. Another telltale sign of oxygen corrosion is corrosion that looks like streaking or traces of rust on the surface of piping.

Copper corrosion describes the infamous green corrosion seen on copper piping throughout homes and other properties, which can cause leaks and damage to the appearance of your home if not treated. Copper corrosion typically occurs because there are high levels of dissolved oxygen in water or there was improper electrical grounding around your home’s plumbing system.

If you see corrosion present in areas where oxygen corrosion and copper corrosion could stem from, this speaks for itself as a sign that you need professional pipe repair services. The good news is that by hiring professionals to perform all crucial repairs, you can prevent further problems with corrosion from occurring.

How Can You Fix Pipe Corrosion?

Besides corrosion, corrosion can cause leaks and corrosion can be damaging to the appearance of your home. Since corrosion is created by metal piping being exposed to water or air for long periods of time, you have to fix corrosion as fast as possible in order to avoid any further damages. Keep corrosion from getting worse by hiring professionals on a regular basis so they can perform necessary checks on your plumbing system.

If you notice corrosion on the surface of metal piping, this means there might be corrosion occurring beneath the surface as well which could lead to issues with structure and flow inside the pipe. With professional detection tools designed for both copper corrosion and oxygen corrosion prevention, plumbers will be able to discover if corrosion presents itself within pipes before leaks occur or severe damage occurs. You need corrosion to be checked as soon as possible by professionals so you can take preventative steps to avoid corrosion getting worse.

These corrosion services come at a premium, but they go a long way in stopping corrosion before it starts and ensuring that your home’s plumbing system is healthy and ready for daily use. You will save money in the future by hiring professionals now because corrosion problems will not arise later on. If corrosion is left untreated for long periods of time, you will risk costly repairs and renovations taking place if leaks occur or irreversible damages are done to your home’s piping system.

Remember: there are many reasons why corrosion occurs within your home’s piping system; therefore, it is best to hire professionals to take corrosion seriously. By using corrosion services to detect corrosion at its earliest stages, you can prevent corrosion from doing more damage to your plumbing system.

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