If one of your water supply lines buried in your home’s slab foundation breaks, then you have a serious plumbing problem on your hands. Slab leaks happen when the ground shifts causing the pipes in your slab to break. One option that some Orange County plumbers might provide is digging up the slab and replacing the pipe. This can be very costly and lead to thousands of dollars in repair costs. Another option, often used by our plumbing company, is to reroute the plumbing lines using PEX. Here is how we do it…

Where Are The Pipes Rerouted?

A pipe reroute is a service by which a plumber cuts the broken pipe and re-routes it through another area of your home. When a pipe breaks in your slab, it is much simpler to reroute the plumbing pipes above the slab. When your water supply pipes break, it can be easier to reroute them through a crawl space or an attic.

Why Use PEX?

PEX Tubing can be a much less expensive option when compared to copper. Although copper is the standard for water supply lines, PEX is giving it a strong run for its money. PEX is easier to install, has much more flexibility, is corrosion-resistant, and can last up to 50 years. For these reasons, we typically elect to use PEX for reroutes unless our customer insists on using copper piping. PEX is very flexible and makes it easy to reroute the plumbing pipes through your attic. This not only will solve your slab leak problem in a simple manner, but it will also make your water lines easier to work on in the future if there are any more leaks.

Looking For A Repiping Plumber In Orange County?

We are the repiping plumber Orange County residents count on when they have serious pipe leaks, like a leaking slab. Our team has decades of experience rerouting pipes using PEX, and we have several references from our clients.  Contact us to schedule an appointment to discuss your plumbing needs.

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