Spring cleaning is a nationwide phenomenon that has become a tradition in U.S. households. Springtime is for renewing and refreshing, and what better time to get your house cleaned out and in order? But, many people forget about their plumbing system in the Spring. Use these tips to renew your home’s plumbing system this Springtime.

Clean Out The Storm Drains

Springtime comes with lots of rain. And, more rain puts pressure on your storm drains. If you happen to have a storm drain clog, then this could lead to water backup and plumbing leaks. Getting a hydro jetting service on your storm drains this Spring is a great way to get them ready for the rainy season.

Video Camera Inspection

Another great way to check the health of your plumbing pipes is with a plumbing video camera inspection. These cameras are attached to long drain snakes and are able to see deep in your drain pipes and sewer lines. A camera inspection will identify cracks, pipe corrosion, and drain clogs so that you can get them repaired.

Check Your Water Quality

A water quality test is a great way to see if you have any hardness or other unwanted chemicals in your home’s water supply. Sometimes, pipe corrosion and local water can contaminate your water and make it hard. If you happen to have hard water, installing a water-softening system is a great way to correct this. A water softener will remove unwanted minerals and make your water soft again. Hard water can damage pipes, clothes, and even your skin and hair!

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