Low Water Pressure Could Be A Slab Leak!

If you have low water pressure in your home, it could be a sign of a slab leak or a hidden water leak. When your plumbing system is leaking somewhere, it could cause an imbalance of pressure in the pipes and affect the water pressure in your sinks and faucets. Here are some other tell-tale signs of a slab leak.

Other Slab Leak Signs

In addition to low water pressure, there are many signs you may have a slab leak. Slow emptying drains, wet walls or ceilings, water pooling along the perimeter of your business, the sound of running water when no water is in demand, and high water bills can all point to a slab leak. If left unattended, a slab leak can result in unhealthy mold growth or a foundation that can no longer support the building’s structure. We can detect early signs of slab leaking using sophisticated camera equipment or acoustic leak detection systems to evaluate subsurface piping. We also can collect data and, using mathematical algorithms, pinpoint exact locations of underground leaks.

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Do not leave your possible slab leaks to just any plumber. We are certified slab leak experts who can find and repair your leaks quickly before they become structural issues or before they turn into health hazards. Call us today to discuss your concerns!

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