Plumbing problems can be very tricky since the majority of your plumbing is hidden beneath floors or behind walls and ceilings. Trying to find leaks behind your walls can be improved by gathering some important clues.

Look and Listen

Look for any physical changes in your home. Is the paint peeling or are your walls becoming discolored? Do you smell a musty smell or see puddling of water along your walls? Are there darker areas where mold and mildew may be forming? 

Listen for high-pitched whistling noises, drips, or clanging banging sounds. All these may be indicators you have a water leak behind your wall.

Monitor Your Meter

Monitor your water usage and watch for increases in your water bill. If both are higher than normal you need to become a detective. Shut off all water-using appliances in your home and close all faucets. Record your water meter number and then use no water for several hours. If the number on your meter increases you can be certain you have a leak. 

Purchase or Hire Advanced Equipment

You can purchase a moisture meter which is a device you point along a wall. When there is an increase in the reading that is where you will find your leak. 

A flood sensor is another device that detects flooding as well as leaks. It will send an alert to your phone when it detects moisture guarding you against damage from leaks and floods.

Detecting cold areas within your walls can also alert you to possible moisture issues since a wet wall is colder than a dry one. The use of an infrared camera can register these slight differences in temperatures.

Your Last Option

When all else fails it may be necessary to cut an opening in your wall or ceiling and physically look for leaks. This should be a last-ditch effort since the repair of your wallboard can be messy and costly.

When hidden leaks are suspected, look for obvious areas where damage may have occurred. Listen for unusual sounds or for increases in your energy bills and, if necessary, utilize specialized equipment to find your problem source. Paying close attention to your home can help prevent minor plumbing problems from becoming major plumbing nightmares.

Do you hear the sound of flowing water, but you’re not sure where it’s coming from? If all of your faucets are turned off and you still hear the sound, contact us today! We are leak detection and water leak specialists in Irvine, Orange County.

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