Water Meters Can Predict Water Leaks

Did you know that you can use your water meter to detect a hidden water leak at your home in Orange County? In fact, if you shut off all of your faucets and water in your home and then check your water meter, it will tell you if you have a leak or if water is still running. Here is a short video from us showing you how to find your water meter and read it for a leak:

How To Find And Read The Meter

If you watched the video above, it will give you a good idea how to find your water meter. Once you locate your home’s water meter, then make sure that all water is turned off in your home: sinks, faucets, washing machine, water heater, etc.

If you notice that your water heater is still spinning or the needle still has movement after all of your water is turned off, then you could have a hidden water leak. It’s best to contact a leak detection plumber in Orange County to help you find and fix your hidden leak.

Types Of Hidden Water Leaks

There are a few types of common hidden water leaks in Orange County that we look for when performing leak detection services.

  • Slab Leaks: These types of leaks happen when one of your drain pipes or sewer lines breaks below your concrete slab. They are often hard to identify. Check out these tips on deciding whether you have a slab leak.
  • Polybutylene: If you have polybutylene water supply lines in your home, then you might have a hidden leak behind your walls. These plumbing pipes are notorious for developing small, pinhole leaks that spray water without you even knowing it. You should always re-pipe your polybutylene with copper or PEX tubing.
  • Water Heater Leak: Sometimes water heaters leak and you don’t even know it – especially when they are out of sight. If you notice water pooling around the base of your heater tank, then you might have a leak!

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