Sewer Lining in Orange County: Everything You Need to Know

Sewer Lining in Orange County: Everything You Need to Know

Sewer Lining in Orange County: Everything You Need to Know

Cracked sewer pipes are a nightmare for Orange County homeowners. The thought of having to dig-up a pipe is enough to make you lose sleep! If you’re like most Orange County homeowners, sewer lines are confusing and a bad sewer line just sounds like it is expensive to repair. In addition, a sewer line that is not working can be bad for your family’s health. Sewer backup smells bad and can cause serious hazards to your health if not fixed.

For many years, the only way to repair a broken sewer line was to dig it up. Now, with the invention of sewer lining service, you can fix those sewer lines without having to destroy your front yard! Here is how it works…

First, What is Sewer Lining Service?

Sewer lining is placing fiberglass material inside of your sewer line and using heat to adhere it to the cracks. Rather than having to dig up the pipe, sewer line plumbers in Orange County, can access your sewer lines easier. Sewer liners are simple to install and once they adhere to your pipe, they can last for almost 100 years! They will protect your sewer pipes from future damage too – like from tree roots!

Okay, How Does It Work?

First, we will need to cleanout your sewer lines thoroughly. We usually like to do this using a jetting machine. Cleaning out the pipe using hydro jetting, allows the liner to stick to the pipe better. It will also clear out your plumbing system! Here is a great article on hydro jetting here. After the pipe cleaning, we will insert the lining into the sewer line using a hose, and then run hot water through the hose. The heat and steam will press the liner up against the inside of the pipe, and adhere it to the sewer line. This process usually takes up to 45 minutes. After the liner is set, we typically like to perform a camera inspection to ensure that it is cured properly.

Why is a Sewer Lining in Orange County Ideal?

Orange County cities like Irvine, Dana Point, and San Clemente were settled after World War II when soldiers returning from war were in search of a better life. Due to this, the homes are 50+ years old and they have older, clay sewer lines. When these clay pipes break, liners are a great option. In addition, homes in Orange County often have slab leaks, and a sewer liner in Orange County is a great option for repair! When you have a slab leak in Rancho Santa Margarita or in Irvine, you may want to consider a sewer liner.

What are the Benefits of a Sewer Lining Service?

 Here are some of the common benefits of a sewer lining service…

  • No digging up your yard.
  • Less expensive than traditional sewer repair.
  • Faster than traditional sewer line repair.
  • No risk of cutting utility lines when digging. 

Getting a sewer lining can be a great alternative to traditional sewer line repair.

So, What is Next?

Interested in a sewer lining for your broken sewer pipe? Call us today for a diagnosis. We will first evaluate your issue and give you the best options for repair. Once you are satisfied with the strategy, we can begin repairing your sewer line! 


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