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As a plumber Irvine residents have grown to know and trust, it is always our goal to fully educate our customers on their plumbing problems and repair options. Here are some common questions we hear often related to household plumbing issues.

A slab leak occurs when the plumbing pipes buried beneath your home’s concrete slab crack or break and cause water to leak into your home’s foundation. Here is a great article about the common signs of slab leaks. Call us today for a diagnosis! We are slab leak specialists in Orange County.

Yes! The safety and health of our customers and staff are very important to us. Due to Covid-19, our technicians will be following the safety protocols suggested by the CDC while conducting any plumbing work at your home or business. This includes social distancing, the wearing of masks, and sanitizing of hands. We are serious about the safety of our customers and employees and appreciate our customers continued patience and cooperation.

We cover all of Orange County, California. From Huntington Beach to Cypress to Yorba Linda to Lake Forest, and all the way as south as Dana Point and San Clemente. Check out some of the common cities where we do work here.

Yes! In fact, we do so much insurance plumbing work that we can even help you with the paperwork. Check out our Plumbing Insurance Claim service here.

No! Since we pride ourselves on our 24/7 emergency call service, we handle and charge for emergency plumbing issues the same way we would handle any other job. Check out our Emergency Plumbing Service here.

Yes! In fact, a large percentage of our work is commercial plumbing repairs and installations. We work with property management groups, small businesses, and large businesses to handle their plumbing needs. Contact us today for a commercial quote!

Yes! It is always our goal to deliver exceptional customer service. That means keeping our workspace clean when we are in your home or business and cleaning-up after the job. It is our motto to leave your space better than we found it! Contact us today for a plumbing diagnosis!

Yes! We can first help you by locating the source of the water leak and fixing the leak. We can also get involved in the clean-up and restoration of your home or business as we are partnered with several reputable water restoration companies. Check out our Water Leak Services here.

Yes! We have modern video camera inspection technology so we can pin-point the site of the blockage. We then have the ability to fix drain and pipe blockages via hydro jetting, which is non-invasive and does not cause damage to your pipes. Check out our Camera Inspection Service and Hydro-Jetting Service by clicking on the links!

Slab leaks can be hard to detect and signs can vary. Here are some of the common sings: mold or mildew under our carpets (accompanied often by smells), hearing the sound of running water when you shouldn’t, a noticeable decrease in water pressure throughout your home, and hot spots in your home’s floor. Check out our Slab Leak Detection & Repair Service here, and contact us today for a diagnosis.

Tankless water heaters are more energy-efficient, give you an unlimited supply of hot water, take up significantly less space, have a longer life span, and will save you more money over time. Check out our Tankless Water Heater Installation Service here.

Yes! We offer whole-house re-pipes and one-off re-pipe projects as well. Our plumbers are certified and trained in designing and re-piping homes. Check out our Re-Piping Service here.

Yes! We can install new fixtures and repair existing ones. Contact us today for a quote!

Yes! Unless we are extremely overwhelmed due to a natural disaster or some other unforeseen issue, it is always our goal to get you onto our schedule immediately. Contact us today for an appointment!

Yes! We will install your new water heaters and get rid of the old one. We can also repair broken water heaters to save you money! Check out our Water Heater Services here.

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