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Water Heater Repair & Installation

Did you run out of hot water in your home? You might have a problem with your hot water heater. Calling bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of Orange County for your water heater repair or water heater replacement needs is a great first step! We are experts in hot water heater tank repair. We also have installed new hot water heaters all around Orange County. Here are some common problems we see when water heaters go bad:

Did you know that we also offer new hot water heater installations? The average water heater has a life span of 12 years according to Lowe’s. It could be even shorter depending on the size of your family and how many showers they take! If you have a large family or have been living in your home for many years, you might be due for a new water heater. At bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of Orange County, our certified technicians are skilled at installing new water heaters. Call us today!

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