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Heating Element: Water Heaters

The Water Heater Heating Element is an apparatus meant to generate warmth to the water inside a tank. It works by using electricity as its source to heat up or activate the device that brings about the increase of temperature in the water.

How Does A Water Heater Heating Element Work?

The Water Heater Heating Element is basically just one part within the cylindrical unit of the heater. Water is filled into this container so it can be heated up with what would seem like magic because no fire or combustion could ever take place during the process. Electricity flows through metallic filaments contained within this device and this heats up its coils enough for hot water generation. Hence, how does it work?

What Causes A Water Heater Heating Element To Fail?

Water heating elements fail to function properly or even at all due to several reasons. One of the most common ones would be from corrosion and oxidation of its metal parts, specifically those that are made out of copper and brass mainly because they both have a low melting point. A higher electric current passing through these metals will render them molten at a certain temperature that is too high for it to handle. This then sends vibrations into the water tank itself, which can cause it to crack eventually. Rusting is another reason, as well as this kind of deterioration, can easily lead to leaks in your water heater. Keeping an eye on the Water Heater Heating Element’s condition is one good way on how you can prevent such from happening and ensuring that it is in good shape when you need to replace it.

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