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Electric Timers: Water Heaters Electric

Electric timers are commonly used to control water heater functions. Electric timers are not always necessary, but they can definitely add convenience. Electric timer models vary depending on the manufacturer and model. However, there are several different kinds of timer features available including an “on-timer,” a “daily” timer, a “boost,” and a “hold.” The on-timer allows you to set the time when the hot water heater will turn on and run for a specified amount of time before shutting off. You can also use this feature to only allow the tank to heat up overnight during nonpeak times so that you don’t have to wait long periods in between showers. Using your electric water heater timer daily is another way to save energy and money.

Water Heater Electric Timer: Electric water heaters timers are used for energy conservation. Electric timers control when a water heater is turned on and off during certain periods of time, rather than allowing the water heater to run all day long.

How Timers Work: Electric timers work through an electromagnet that controls an arm connected with contacts on either side of it; as the arm rotates around its axis, it connects one contact at a time. Electric timers are programmable devices that control when a water heater is turned off and on. Electric water heater timers generally have from one to four slots on the face, depending upon how many circuits it controls.

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