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ECO (Energy Cut-Off Switch)

The water heater is equipped with a combination thermostat and high limit Energy-Cut-Off control (ECO) that is located above the heating element in contact with the tank surface. If for any reason the water temperature becomes excessively high, the high limit control (ECO) breaks the power circuit to the heating element. The ECO resets automatically when temperatures return within a normal range. The ECO has no manual reset feature once activated.

If an Energy Cut Off Switch (ECO) is activated on the water heater, follow these steps:

  • Drywall work may be necessary when installing or servicing an ECO gas safety device on your electric water heater.
  • Do NOT cut or remove insulation from wire(s). Do NOT use staples to fasten wires together or to other surfaces such as jo and studs.
  • Remove the insulation from the wire at least 6 in to 8 in away from being spliced together or attached to another surface.
  • Locate ECO and disconnect wires by loosening the terminal screws and slipping off wires without disturbing connections.
  • Shut off gas supply and water supply, if possible. If not possible – shut off only the incoming main gas supply and allow unit to burn until all heat is used up or unit is no longer producing hot water.
  • Clean area around ECO for better access.
  • Mount replacement switch as high as possible on side of unit opposite ECO location with wiring as follows: Red wire to No. 1 terminal Blue wire to No. 2 Terminal Green wire may be attached to ground screw unit or any convenient metal part on unit.
  • Connect wires to ECO switch (make sure connector is pushed on firmly).
  • Attach new replacement ECO switch with one screw supplied per replacement unit.
  • Reconnect gas supply, if disconnected.
  • Reconnect water supply, if disconnected.
  • Turn on hot water and check for leaks around connections. Check for proper operation of the ECO by turning thermostat control clockwise past 90°F; if it trips, you need a replacement ECO or thermostat assembly.

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