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Drain Valves: Water Heaters

Today we’re going to talk about water heater drain valves. Water heater drain valves are used to remove built-up sediment from the tank, which is a common maintenance task.

Every water tank and tankless has a drain valve that’s used for draining sediment from the inside of the tank. Water builds up in the tank which causes a float inside the housing to rise once reaching a pre-set level it will trigger your drain to open. The best time for this maintenance task is during a cold season when you won’t have trouble finding your hot water taps without too much effort. Water heaters need to be drained every year. Water builds up in your unit causing float inside to reach its set level to activate the drain which will discharge water built up inside. Water heater drain valves should be checked annually once you find a puddle under your unit check for leaks in pipes. Water heaters have a plastic tank that over time can crack causing it to release dangerous fumes into your home or cause damage or drain your wallet with an increased energy bill.

A leak from your water heater’s drain valve will cause a puddle under your unit. Once you find that puddle, check for cracks in your hot water heating system. A small crack in the plastic won’t be fatal but you should replace any broken pipes immediately so they don’t get worse over time, draining your wallet as well as your home heating system. Water heater drain valves should be checked annually. Every water heating system has a drain valve, located at the bottom of the tank, where a discharge pipe is attached to it with a screw clamp or something similar.

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