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Power Vents & Blowers

Power vent water heaters use a blower to push the fumes out of your home, which requires more electricity than that needed by direct vent water heaters. The extra power required can cause your electric bill to increase. Before you make a decision about buying either water heater type, learn more about each and decide for yourself if you can afford and need a power vent water heater.

The blower uses electricity to push the fumes from your water heater through a vertical pipe and out of your home instead of allowing those nasty water heater chemicals into your home The water heater blower is separate from powering your water heater, meaning that if there is a power outage or you shut off power at the breaker box, you won’t have hot water until the power comes back on. If you’re thinking about installing a water heater blower, be sure to learn more about them first. In conclusion, if you cannot afford or need a water heater blower, consider buying a direct vent water heating system instead.

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