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Concrete slabs are foundations above the ground and are very popular in warmer climates. They are less expensive to construct and are an alternative to a basement or crawl space.

What is a Slab Foundation?

A slab foundation is a type of foundation that does not go below the ground. Slab foundations are most common in areas with warm climates due to their low cost and ease of construction. The footings are typically placed below the surface, but the main part of the home will sit on top of these footings. Slab foundations, however, are subject to plumbing slab leaks which happen when pipes below the slab break or burst. This can be costly for homeowners with concrete slabs.

What is a Basement Foundation?

Most homeowners who have a properly constructed, dry, full-height basement foundation say they would never want to be without one. A basement structure consists of poured concrete walls that butt up against your existing house or under an addition you may be building. This makes it possible for you to put rooms underneath your home without having to dig down into the earth.

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