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Plumbing Vent Stacks

Plumbing vent stacks, also known as vent stacks or simply vents, are pipes that serve a couple of different purposes. Plumbing vent stacks primarily:

  • reduce negative air pressure in the drain and sewer systems by allowing air to enter and exit through them
  • help prevent gas from filling up the drain and sewer system

Plumbing vent stacks also allow for gases such as methane to escape into the atmosphere. Plumbing vent stacks do this by pulling natural gas fumes out of the drainage system and releasing them to the outdoors. Plumbing vents can be found on homes with basement bathrooms, wet bars, spas, or heated floors because their primary purpose is to help prevent water back up in those areas along with helping reduce negative pressure which would bring gases like methane into the home.

How Do Vent Stacks Work?

Plumbing vent stacks work by using the Venturi Effect. The Venturi Effect is a scientific principle that states when fluids flow through a constricted area, the velocity of the fluid increases and the pressure decreases. Plumbing vent stacks take advantage of this principle by having an upper and lower section – the upper part is wider than the lower part. When wastewater flows through the upper part of the stack, it speeds up and creates a vacuum or negative pressure. This decrease in pressure causes air to be drawn into the drain system from outside. The airflow created by the Venturi Effect helps to keep sewer gases from backing up into your home.

The Venturi Effect

The Venturi-Effect Plumbing Vent Stack is a relatively new term coined by various trade associations to help improve public awareness of pluming vents specifically how they work with a toilet tank fill valve/ballcock assembly to eliminate black water waste backflow issues into the Plumbing Vent Stack. Plumbing vent stack problems are very rare, but they can be hazardous to your family’s health if not fixed properly. If you suspect Plumbing Vent Stack Problems it is best to call a Plumber or Plumbing Contractor right away before Plumbing Vent Stack Damage occurs.

Why Are Vent Stacks Important?

Plumbing vent stacks are important because they protect your home from harmful gases such as methane and carbon monoxide. Plumbing vent stacks also reduce negative air pressure in the drain and sewer system which helps prevent water from backing up into your home. The plumbing vent stack should be properly installed, sized, and maintained to ensure its primary functions are not interrupted. Plumbing vent stack type and size can vary depending on the piping configuration of your home. Plumbing vents must be inspected regularly to make sure they are working correctly and that there is no evidence of leaks or damage.

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