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Septic Tank

A Septic tank is like the black box of your home. It’s where your dirty water goes, to be processed and removed by professional septic tank pumping services. Septic tanks are required for any home or business that cannot connect to a public sewer system because they function as an intermediate step between the sewage line and the soil absorption field.

How Do Septic Tanks Work?

When you flush something down the toilet in your house, it ends up in your septic tank (if you do not have public sewer access). The wastewater flows via gravity through large-diameter pipes which transfer it to your tank. Septic tanks are designed to receive only wastewater from your home – which is what the wastewater consists of after being processed by your septic system.

Septic tank pumping is required to remove waste from the tank since it doesn’t automatically drain into the sewage system. When they fill up you need to get your tank pumped when it is full of sludge and scum.

Septic tanks are no longer used in the vast majority of US homes, having been replaced with ‘on-site’ wastewater treatment systems called septic systems. Septic tanks are still used in many rural areas that cannot connect to the public sewerage system, but Septic Tanks are not cheap to install or maintain, and given that they can only treat wastewater up to 250 times per day you cannot ignore them. Septic Tank pumping is important when your tank becomes full of sludge which causes backups in your home. If you have septic issues, make sure to call a sewer line plumber in Orange County!

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