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Grinder Pumps

Grinder pumps are often used to pump waste through small diameter plastic pipes, with the final destination being the city sewer system. Grinder pumps replace a standard sump pump in a water tank that is set up outdoors. Grinder pumps work by grinding up any waste that is sent into the holding tank and pumping it along through the pressure discharge line, where it enters the public sewage line. A grinder pump can operate either automatically or with manual operation.

Grinding the municipal wastewater before sending it on its way allows for more treated water to be pumped back into your home. Grinding larger particles (such as wipes) also helps ensure better performance of the next treatment process at your local wastewater facility.

To ensure the safe operation of a grinder pump, follow these important guidelines and make sure to hire a sewer plumber for expert work:

  • Grinder pumps should be installed in a separate tank that is well away from the main septic tank.
  • Grinders should be checked and cleaned as needed to ensure safe operation of the system. Grinders should be replaced if they are excessively worn or damaged.
  • Grinders may not be compatible with soaps and other products that contain solvents because those items can cause damage to any plastic components inside the grinder area. If incompatibility occurs, it should be reported to the manufacturer for replacement parts.

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