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PVC Pipes

PVC pipes are plastic pipes that are often used for sewer lines as well as for drains and vents. Many times PVC pipes are found in the plumbing system for toilet, sewer, and outdoor sink lines. PVC pipes can sometimes be used for gas transport as well.

When it comes to PVC piping there are different types of material grades available so one should check what type is best suited for their needs before purchasing PVC pipes. PVC Pipes come in a variety including:

  • rigid PVC pipe
  • flexible PVC tubing
  • schedule 40 PVC pipe
  • schedule 80 plastic pvc pipe
  • socket PVC fittings

PVC Pipe systems are used for industrial, municipal and agricultural applications. PVC Pipes are often used to transport wastewater during industrial processes or pipelines that need flexibility in their piping system. PVC is an inexpensive alternative to other materials because it can be easily formed into the necessary shapes during installation, therefore saving time and cost of fabrication. PVC has a wide range of standard pressure ratings depending on application requirements. PVC pipes are also noncorrosive which make them ideal for fresh water supply lines by eliminating the risk of corrosion associated with metal pipe systems PVC Pipe is approved for food contact by FDA. Repiping plumbers will use PVC to replace sewer lines and water lines.

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