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Many homeowners find that hiring Orange County plumbing services is an unnecessary expense when there is a problem with the water or plumbing in the house. These homeowners think they can solve the problem by DIY, or in any case, by hiring a handyman. 

However, many home plumbing failures are not as simple as they seem. That’s why you should evaluate the situation and depend on the case, opt for one solution or another. It is essential that you know the benefits of opting for each, and where you can find the finest plumber in Orange County.

Which is the best option: DIY, Local Handyman, or Licensed Plumber?


The first significant benefit of DIY is that you will not pay for labor. All you have to do is make a list of the materials you need, and go to a depot. If you have any doubts about the project, you will find several tutorials on the internet to guide you. The most common tasks you will have to deal with include uncovering a clogged pipe, repairing a leaking faucet, or replacing toilet flappers.

However, DIY has some drawbacks. As simple as the task is, you may need a specific tool that you don’t have in your toolbox. In that case, you will buy it to use it once, and then it will stay there forever (more expense, don’t you think?). Another disadvantage is that some unexpected eventuality may arise, and a simple repair may become a nightmare. Finally, keep in mind that you will lose time that you can spend on another activity by repairing the plumbing on your own.

Local Handyman

A handyman is an ideal choice for small projects. It is experienced and can have all the necessary tools and will make the repairs at a lower cost than a leading plumbing company in Orange County CA. However, keep in mind that most of these professionals are not licensed and base their knowledge on their experience. In some tricky projects, that expertise may not be enough.

Another significant aspect is the availability of the service. If you have a plumbing emergency, a handyman will hardly attend you in the middle of the night. Instead, the finest Orange County CA plumbers offer 24/7 all year round service. Finally, consider the warranty. A local handyman usually doesn’t provide a guaranteed service, which leaves you without backup in case of an eventuality. Instead, the best plumbers in Orange County like Bluefrog Plumbing + Drain, will provide you with a guarantee that will back you up if you are not satisfied with the result, or if the failure occurs again.

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Specialized plumbers not only have their extensive experience but also have the proper education to handle any home plumbing eventuality. Another significant advantage is that licensed plumbers have all the tools and equipment necessary to deal with everything from a simple leaking to a significant plumbing issue. 

Finally, keep in mind that a premier plumber in Orange County will give you more added value. You will be able to count on them 24/7, their services are guaranteed, and you will enjoy discounts, promotions, and even frequent customer clubs. If you want to have the best plumbers in Orange, Bluefrog Plumber + Drain will give you the first-class service. Contact us for all your plumbing or drainage issues.

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