Homeowners rarely realize the importance of a well-functioning plumbing system until they experience an issue. While some plumbing problems can be easy DIY repairs, others will require the experience and expertise of a professional plumber. Oftentimes these issues start out small and seemingly innocuous but if ignored can quickly morph into costly, and health-related plumbing emergencies. This article will teach you how to identify a budding plumbing issue, how it can be repaired, and most importantly, how to prevent them from happening in the first place.

Leaking Pipes

Leaking pipes are a common plumbing problem for homeowners. There are several causes of leaking pipes such as old age, aggressive high water pressure, clogged pipes from accumulating corrosive materials, and invasive tree roots. Minor leaks can be fixed by simple replacement of worn seals and washers or the use of plumbers’ putty. Other more serious leaks require specialized detection devices and advanced replacement techniques done only by a professional plumber.

Slow Draining Sinks

Slow-draining sinks are a nuisance and their causes are many. In the bath, accumulations of hair, oily products, and soap scum can form clogs in the drainage system. Food particles, grease, and starchy foods are often the clogging culprits in the kitchen. Plunging or snaking usually is the preferred method for unclogging the blocked pipes but more serious ones may need professional hydro jetting services or even complete replacement of the pipe. Developing good waste removal habits can prevent clogged drains.

Running Toilets

Toilets can suffer from many different problems such as rocking, clogging, and most popular, running. A running toilet can waste hundreds of dollars on wasted water and should be addressed promptly. The three top causes of a running toilet are:

-The float height needs adjusting

-The flapper is worn and leaking

-The refill tube needs shortening

The solution is to keep the water meant to be in the toilet tank from overflowing continuously into the bowl. Replacing flappers, adjusting the float to prevent overflow, or shortening the refill tube are easy DIY fixes as are many toilet troubles.

Water Heater Issues

No hot water, fluctuating temperatures, a leaking tank, and low water pressure are signs your hot water heater is not working properly. On-going maintenance can help prevent these issues by monitoring temperature and pressure, flushing sediments from the tank, and repairing small leaks before a flood occurs. Installing a water softener can keep high mineral content at bay saving your hot water heater from corrosion and leaking.

Dripping Faucets

A dripping faucet is annoying and can lead to wasted water that adds expense to your monthly utility bills. Depending on the type of faucet repairs can be as easy as replacing rubber washers, O rings, and cartridges as most issues are a result of aging and worn parts. Corrosion may also be at play so a good cleaning with vinegar and baking soda may be in order.

Low Water Pressure

Broken pressure regulators, partially closed shut-off valves, and plumbing leaks are big contributors to low water pressure. Additionally, corrosion lining the interior of pipes can slow your water pressure and even stop it entirely. Maintaining your equipment by enrolling in a yearly maintenance program will help as will installing a water softener if recommended by your plumber. Leaks must be dealt with promptly as they can create damage to your home’s substructure and can breed mold creating unhealthy conditions.


Although there are other plumbing problems that can occur in a home, these are the 6 most common ones homeowners will likely face. Being aware of these issues will help homeowners be on the alert for early signs of plumbing problems and can elect to tackle them themselves or call in the professionals to complete the repairs. The most important thing to remember about common plumbing problems is never to ignore them, even ones that seem inconsequential. All plumbing issues if left unattended have the potential to turn into major plumbing emergencies. The development of good home habits combined with an awareness of potential problems can reduce issues keeping you and your home safe!

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