An important part of managing a home is managing the plumbing system and related fixtures and appliances. Many opt for the DIY route but there are various circumstances that need the attention of a professional plumber. They have received extensive training and are certified and licensed to perform plumbing installations and repairs as well as the expertise to operate specialized equipment to resolve more difficult issues. In addition, working with a professional plumber offers protection against damages incurred while the technician is working at your home whereas a DIYer would carry that responsibility.



Hiring a professional plumber is not an easy task and should be taken seriously. Here are some practical guidelines to follow to reduce the associated stress and confusion while in the hiring stages. First, talk to your family and friends for recommendations and discuss who they used and their overall level of satisfaction. Spend time online reading reviews posted by other customers, those who were satisfied or not!


Once you narrow down your choices it is important to look a little deeper to verify their credentials and be certain they have a current plumbers license. Investigate their claimed experience and expertise and request at least 5 references. Then make sure you call the references provided asking key questions to determine the validity of the plumber’s claims. Never assume all professional plumbers carry insurance. Most will but you do not want to find out after a problem develops that they are operating without it.


Before signing your name to any contract between you and the plumber be certain they provide a detailed estimate listing the scope of the plumbing problem, the suspect time that they anticipate will be required to complete the job, and of course the overall costs. Be certain to get this estimate in writing as memories are often different leading to frustration and unmet expectations.

Assessing Your Needs

A professional plumber will arrive on time to inspect your home and your particular needs. They are very aware that a seemingly minor plumbing problem can be masking more serious issues or can quickly turn into a real plumbing emergency. They understand the complexities of plumbing problems and will gladly take the time to explain to homeowners what they suspect the problem to be and how they intend to go about fixing it. Listening is a learned skill and a professional plumber will develop this skill to ensure the scope of the job fits within the customer’s budget or will prearrange a payment schedule that is agreeable to both parties. They will estimate as closely as possible the time it will take to complete the work and honor this schedule barring any unexpected findings or plumbing emergencies.


The right plumber will possess the communication skills to explain your job and the financial responsibilities it bestows on you. Once the contract has been agreed upon responsiveness is expected for future communications. Keeping you updated on any new findings or changes in the timeline is expected. A professional demeanor and respect are valuable as are service call technicians that are available 24/7 for emergency plumbing issues that undoubtedly will arise. 


Hiring the right plumber is imperative for the success of all plumbing projects but doing so will require effort. Researching and asking a lot of questions will help you find a professional who can deliver on their word. Your goal is to employ a plumber who is trustworthy, fair in their pricing, and sensitive to your needs and budget. Most of all you will want to choose a plumber with experience, expertise, and a desire to build a long-term relationship with customers they value.

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