A slab leak occurs when the water supply pipe or sewer pipe buried beneath your home’s concrete slab foundation cracks. Slab leaks are often hard to detect and it’s always best to look out for the common signs of a slab leak so that you can repair it right away before it causes lots of damage. But, there are reasons why many Californians have experienced slab leaks at their homes. In this article, we explain why slab leaks are more common in California.

California Clay Soil

Most of the soil in California is clay, and the clay soil is prone to ground shifting as it expands and contracts with changes in temperature. When the soil moves, it can cause the pipes below your slab to crack, leading to a slab leak. If you live by the coast in Orange County, such as Newport Beach or Huntington Beach, then the soil under your home is prone to even more ground shifting due to its porous nature.

Dry Temperature

California is notorious for its draughts and lack of water. This causes the soil and ground in California to be very dry. The dry soil can also be a leading cause of ground shifting, causing pipes to crack in your slab. When it does rain, the sudden change in ground temperature can also cause the expansion and contraction of the ground that we previously discussed.

Hard Water

There is a lot of hard water in California. And, if you do not have a water softening system in your home or business to take out minerals and make the water softer then the hard water can damage your plumbing pipes. In fact, hard water has been known to cause pipe corrosion over time leading to pipe leaks and cracked pipes. Corrosion is another leading cause of slab leaks in Orange County.

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