Plumbing Inspection Tips

A plumbing inspection is not a guarantee your plumbing is in perfect order but it can help you identify problems so you can address them quickly before any serious damage ensues. An inspector will first visually inspect tubs, showers, sinks, dishwashers, garbage disposals, and washing machines for worn parts or active leaks. They will assess the sizing of your pipes to ensure they are up to code and capable of doing the job they were installed to do.

If the home was constructed prior to 1986 it will be inspected for lead pipes which were popular at that time and cause environmental toxins. A water heater’s age and status will be monitored as well as shutoff valves, drain valves, thermostats, temperature and pressure relief valves, emergency gas shutoff valves, and the flue to name some common components. If the plumbing system is connected to a septic tank that system will be evaluated as will the sewer line. Outside the inspector will look for puddling water or signs of a sewer line break.

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