What Is A Plumbing Camera?

Plumbing cameras are attached to a long snake that can be fed through your drain pipes and sewer lines to check out the insides of your plumbing pipes. Plumbing cameras are attached to a video screen that can record the insides of your plumbing system when the cameras are run.

But, did you know that plumbing camera inspection services could save you thousands of dollars in plumbing repair costs? In this article, we explore the top 3 ways plumbing cameras can save you money.

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1. Tree Roots & Sewer Lines

When tree roots grow into a cracked sewer pipe, they will clog the pipe. A sewer plumber that does not have a plumbing camera might try to use a drain snake to unclog the line. When that does not work, he might determine that the line needs to be replaced, which can costs thousands of dollars.

A plumbing camera can quickly identify that you have roots growing in the line and a hydro jetter can be used instead. Hydro jetting service to unclog a sewer line might cost about $1,500 as opposed to replacing the line for $6,000 or more!

2. Hidden Water Leaks

Next, if you hear running water, notice your water bills are increasing for no reason, or feel hot spots on your floor, you could have a hidden water leak beneath your slab foundation. A plumbing camera can help to identify the exact location of the pipe leak, so that you can repair the pipe where it needs repairing. The camera might also tell us that a pipe reroute might be the more economical solution.

Without a plumbing camera inspection, those hidden pipe leaks will costs you thousands of dollars in water bills and water damage over time.

3. Drain Clogs

Another great use of a plumbing camera is to quickly identify drain pipe clogs. Unlike sewer lines that run beneath the ground outside your home, drain pipes collect water and sewage from within your home and send it to the sewer pipe.

A plumbing camera can pin point the exact location of the drain clog, saving you lots of money in plumbing labor costs. A plumber without a camera might spend hours and hours trying to figure out the location of the clog.

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