Hydro Jetting is a non-invasive plumbing service that offers many benefits to you and your home’s plumbing system. It is a solution that can be used in any type of home in Orange County where the integrity of the pipes is uncompromised but large clogs may have resulted. Furthermore, hydro jetting can also be used as a preventative maintenance measure. It can rid your home or business of substances that coat your plumbing pipes such as grease, oil, and other leftovers that cause damage to your sewer lines & other plumbing pipes. Here are a few reasons why hydro jetting is a great alternative to traditional sewer line repair and replacement in Orange County:

Money Saver:

Unfortunately, some plumbing companies may be quick to dig up your yard when a sewer line issue arises. The excavation, labor & materials for a deep sewer line clog could cost you thousands of dollars by the time it’s over. Luckily, we offer another solution that may relieve the problem, which could save you thousands. Hydro jetting is so powerful that it can rid your sewer lines of the worst clogs including tree roots. While some plumbers may be quick to replace your sewer lines, we can utilize a plumbing camera to locate the issue and then use our hydro jetting machine to break up the clog. 

The Best Drain Cleaner: 

A drain snake is a great tool for removing an isolated clog such as a foreign object that made it down your drains, waste or paper that gets stuck along the way & other small pipe problems. However, this tool does not offer relief for the heavy buildup of soap, grease, oils, other cooking products, and scale that result after many years of draining. A hydro jetter is a great option for cleaning your sewer lines because it sprays high-pressure water across the entire diameter of the plumbing pipe, leaving it clean, smooth, and free of any scale or materials that were slowing down or clogging your lines. 

Preventative Maintenance:

Believe it or not, if you’re looking to preserve your home’s drain system, there are a few options better than an annual hydro jetting service. If you’ve had your home repiped or others replaced and are hoping to avoid sewer line replacement again, hydro jetting can be a great investment, extending the life of your plumbing pipes and preventing the issues that come with years of buildup from clogs, tree roots & other obstructions. Additionally, if you’re looking to avoid future sewer line repairs in your Orange County area home, investing in a water softener system can aid in preventing clogs across your entire home’s plumbing system. Hard water is a common problem in Orange County homes and the installation of a system along with sewer line cleaning can be a great combination and alternative to future sewer line replacement & the costs associated with it.

Choosing a plumber with the knowledge & equipment to offer cost-effective solutions to your plumbing problems is imperative. There are many steps that can be taken before needing to dig up your yard when a sewer line problem occurs. We have the correct knowledge & equipment to offer all plumbing services in Orange County including hydro jetting, camera inspections, water softener system installation, sewer line repairs & replacements & more. Contact us today for services in Irvine, Anaheim, Newport Beach, Huntington Beach, Dana Point & the surrounding cities!