There are many reasons a homeowner might elect to convert their existing tub into a brand-new luxurious shower. This article will look at the style and design benefits of completing such a conversion.

1. More Space or is it an Illusion?

Old, worn, and dated bathtubs can be an eyesore as well as a safety issue and many people opt to have their bathtubs replaced with updated and stylish showers. One benefit to doing a conversion is you can make better use of the bathroom’s floor space, freeing up floor areas for easier access to toilets and vanities. Additionally, removing the tub and installing frameless glass doors that do not interrupt your sightline, create the impression of a much larger bathroom. If you are lucky enough to have a window in your bathroom, installing high-shine tiles will reflect the natural sunlight and also give the illusion of a brighter and more spacious room.

2. Add Some Heat

Removing your bathtub and installing a modern shower allows you to add your own individual design touches. You have the option to turn your new project into a steam shower which, using very little water, can greatly benefit your skin and sinuses. Or perhaps a sauna is more to your liking. Saunas use dry heat as opposed to a steam shower’s wet heat and offer many potential health benefits.  When converting your bathtub into a shower you can elect to add one of these luxurious options to your shower and create a mini oasis right in your own home.

3. Other Add Ons

Old-fashioned framed shower doors are becoming a thing of the past. Today’s modern showers promote the use of frameless glass doors. These doors, usually made of tempered glass, are high-end, classy-looking additions that add exquisite visual appeal. If privacy is desired, these glass doors can be frosted or etching can be added for a unique design feature. Glass doors make for easy cleaning and add a fresh, clean updated look that is easy to maintain. Center piecing a well-designed and elegant shower can bring years of enjoyment where family members can unwind and enjoy a relaxing experience.

4. Safety Matters

Safety should be an important design consideration no matter who will be using the shower. However, if the bathroom will be used by those with mobility issues or those confined to a wheelchair, converting from a bathtub to a shower is a great choice. First, it allows for more floor space making it easier to maneuver around the bathroom. Additionally, adding no-skid flooring, low-positioned soap dishes, and barrier-free entryways allow for optimal showering options while keeping safety at the forefront. Another bonus when converting a bathtub into a shower is adding shower seats for convenience, with space-saving options such as corner seating or folding seats that can be flattened against the wall when not in use.

5. Unlimited Style Options

There are many options from which to choose for constructing your new shower space. The least expensive option is to install fiberglass or acrylic prefabricated panels and a shower base pan. These come in very limited styles and colors but offer great durability and stain resistance. Tiles, on the other hand, add unlimited design ideas and can be constructed of glass, stone, porcelain, or ceramics, to name a few popular choices. These can be installed on the shower walls, as well as on the floor making each shower project unique to the homeowner. You can mix patterns, sizes, and colors even opting for themed tiles such as ones with fish or ocean wave designs. They are also very durable and, with proper care, will last for many years.

Deciding To convert a bathtub into a shower can seem like a daunting task. However, with careful planning and selection of high-quality materials, a homeowner can add a unique style to their bathroom while creating space to accommodate their needs and the needs of their family members.

Thinking of converting your bathtub into a shower? Contact us today! We are shower conversion specialists in Newport Beach, Orange County.

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