Standard size hot water heaters work well for standard size families but when you have a large family the number of demands on your hot water system increases. This can quickly drain your heater of much-needed hot water and leave you in the cold!

How Big Is Big Enough?

Allowing about 15-20 gallons for each family member will assist you in selecting an appropriate-sized hot water heater. For a small family of two, a 30-40 gallon heater would work just fine but for large families having over 5 members, it would be beneficial to opt for a 60-80 gallon tank. It is also important to calculate the number of showers needed per day, the number of laundry loads needed to be washed, and other water demands specific to your particular family. 

What Type To Use?

A standard tank system requires more room for installation, and more energy to keep the entire tank of water at an optimal temperature but does carry a lower purchase price and installation charge. On the other hand, a tankless system may fit your family’s needs better. The on-demand hot water feature can be appealing and if several units are used it can provide continuous hot water even when multiple sources are calling for water simultaneously.

Which type you choose is a personal choice based on careful analysis of your family and their hot water needs. Consider up-front costs and monthly energy bills to determine what will serve you best. A home with affordable, sufficient hot water is your overall goal.

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