Water heaters come in many sizes ranging from 20 to 80 gallons. Standard water heaters with storage tanks work by maintaining a full tank of water to a pre-specified temperature. When an appliance or spigot in your home calls for hot water, the water is pulled from the top of the tank and delivered to the source. The system is designed to replace that hot water with cold water that enters through the bottom of the tank and is heated. If your hot water heater is sized appropriately you will have adequate hot water whenever you need it.

Things To Consider

When considering a tankless system, know they are different from the systems with tanks. Tankless heaters only heat the water you need, thus saving wasted energy and unnecessary operating costs. Additionally, tankless models are real space savers. Standard units are 5-foot tall cylinders that are bulky and intrusive whereas tankless units can be as small as 1 by 2 feet and can be hidden in a closet. 

Three Fuel Sources May Be Available

There are three types of tankless water heaters from which to choose. 

First, there are electric water heaters. These are significantly less expensive to purchase and much easier to install. Of all the tankless heaters the electric types are the smallest and ideal for small spaces. Electric tankless systems do not require venting which offers better options as to where they can be installed and reduces installation costs even further.

Oftentimes, especially in older homes, electrical systems may need to be upgraded to accommodate an electric tankless unit which can be costly and should be taken into account.

Second, there are gas-powered systems. Not everyone enjoys having natural gas available in their home but gas tankless water heaters come with some downsides. They require complex venting systems to allow airflow for combustion and they require expensive stainless steel venting materials. This can be costly to modify your home to meet the requirements. Gas heaters are also far more costly to install and maintain.

For those who prefer gas but do not have natural gas in their homes, there are propane gas tankless hot water heaters available.

Other Reasons To Go Tankless

  • One major reason to install a tankless water heater is its cost-efficiency. Since multiple points of use units can be installed you are guaranteed of having adequate hot water under all conditions.
  • Tankless units carry zero risk of exploding, unlike tank models. This significantly lowers the risk of flooding resulting in less damage and less repair costs.
  • The cost to purchase a tankless model is higher but because they use less energy you can recoup your expenditure within a few short years.
  • Last, tankless systems are more sustainable and eco-friendly since you are only heating water that you will use so no energy is being wasted.

All of these reasons are good reasons to switch from a standard tank system to a tankless hot water heater. They are compact, safer, energy-efficient, and a more environmentally aware system for all your hot water needs.

Are you thinking of installing a tankless water heater, but don’t know where to start? Contact us today! We are tankless water heater experts in Irvine, Orange County.


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