Common Dishwasher Problems

The dishwasher is a very important appliance in a busy home. With a few maintenance steps, your dishwasher can be kept in tip-top running order providing years of dependable service. The life expectancy of a dishwasher is 7 to 10 years. Let’s look at how you can get the most out of your dishwasher.

First Things First

Before you even open your dishwasher, it is important to your dishwasher’s performance to scrape off any food debris and thoroughly rinse all items you plan on washing. Avoid putting in too many items at one time since overcrowding can interfere with the proper closing of the door and can block the spinning of the spray arms.

Why Won’t My Washer Start?

Once you load your items to be washed and add the appropriate amount of soap, close your dishwasher door. If it won’t close it won’t run so there are a few things you can check to get the wash cycle going. Are there items blocking the door?  If not, check the door latch and make certain it is secure. Additionally, the gasket may be worn or misshapen, keeping the door from closing properly. If after closing the door, your machine will not start you will need to check the power source to be certain power is available and make certain your machine is plugged in securely.

Running Issues

Once you have your machine up and running, you may encounter some additional issues. One problem is the machine may be leaking water onto the kitchen floor. A damaged gasket could keep the door from sealing tightly thus, allowing water to leak out. The gasket may need to be removed and replaced. Additionally, the float switch, an indicator determining the water level within the dishwasher, may be malfunctioning. If it becomes stuck in the down position your dishwasher can overfill and water will leak out onto your floor. You may also hear unusual noises coming from your dishwasher indicating a problem. Look inside for possible bent wash armor loose seals and bearings which can be tightened. If you rule these issues out but you continue to have dishwasher problems, consult a professional because your issues are most likely coming from your pump and motor.  This level of repair does not fall under the do-it-yourself category.

Dishwashers are a luxury in kitchens but they do require some maintenance and care. With a little foresight and a little effort, you can keep them running smoothly while saving yourself hours at the kitchen sink!

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