Having a working hot water heater is essential for good living and without it, our quality of life is diminished greatly. It is therefore beneficial to know the signs of a failing system so you can replace your heater with minimal service disruption.

Signs of Trouble

Discoloration of your water, foul-smelling water, and unusual sounds coming from your unit all indicate that something is wrong with your system. In addition, older units are prone to flooding and leaking and that can lead to major headaches and expensive repairs.

Become A Plumbing Detective

Often you acquire an existing water heater when you purchase your home or you do not pay attention to the age of your water heater. An easy way to determine the age is to look at the serial number. Every serial number begins with a letter. These letters correspond to particular months. A refers to January, B refers to February, and so on. Following the letter will be a series of numbers. The first two numbers represent the last two digits of the year the water heater was manufactured. Knowing the age of your heater and knowing the average lifespan being between 8-10 years will help you determine if your heater is due for replacement.

Rust in your water is another way to know your water heater is getting close to needing replacement. Rust in the water can be a result of deteriorating pipes (especially if they are galvanized) but it could also be coming from a rusty water heater tank. To determine the root of the issue fill several buckets with water. If rusty water is still present you can be certain it is the tank itself and needs to be replaced.

Hearing strange noises from your water tank can be caused by water sediments collecting and hardening on the floor of your water heater tank. As you call for hot water in your home the heating of the water can produce unwanted sounds and indicate it is time to replace your weather heater.

All water leaks from your hot water heater should be addressed immediately before it worsens into a much bigger issue. Check all exposed joints and parts and retighten or replace them as needed. Sometimes the leaking is a result of the metal tank expanding and contracting which can cause it to crack. As the unit heats water the tank expands and water can leak through the crack. 

The number one indicator your heater needs replacement is the lack of hot water. The pilot light may have failed or the heating element may be malfunctioning. Another possible cause is a misadjusted or broken thermostat so the ideal temperature of 140 degrees Fahrenheit cannot be maintained.

When you are lacking hot water, have rusty or foul-smelling water, or your water heater is leaking it is time to service your unit. If the conditions are not repairable it is time to replace your water heater to ensure a safe and enjoyable home.

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