A water heater is one of the most important appliances in your home and greatly affects your quality of life. However, your water heater is not something most homeowners think about until it malfunctions. With regular maintenance, your water heater can provide you with years of dependable service. The pilot light is an integral part of your system and without it functioning you will be in cold water!


Why Is My Pilot Light Out?

Most times a shift in your gas pressure will cause your pilot light to extinguish. Only gas-powered heaters have pilot lights. Electric water heaters do not have pilot lights. A one-time error need not be alarming. However, if your pilot light is regularly shutting off it is time to call a professional. 

A much more serious issue may be in operation. Your pilot light may be extinguished due to a dirty or bent thermocouple. The thermocouple is a small copper wire and rod combination that senses when a flame is present. When the flame is absent it automatically shuts off. A good cleaning with a vacuum and a microfiber cloth will ensure proper operation and a safe home.


How Will I Know My Pilot Light Is Out?

The first indication your pilot light may be out is your water is no longer hot. This loss of comfort is a key motivator to service your unit. But comfort alone is not the best reason to investigate your system. A faulty flame sensor can permit deadly gas to leak into your home causing a possible explosion or serious health-related issues.


Restoring Your Pilot Light In 5 Easy Steps

Shut off gas – Turn the gas shut-off valve to the OFF position as well as closing the gas regulation valve. Wait a full minute.

Locate the burner – Open the access panel to the pilot light and locate the burner inside. You will see two gas tubes leading to the burner.

Prepare the pilot – Turn the knob to PILOT and press and hold the knob in so you can start the flow of gas to relight the pilot.

Relight the pilot – While depressing the pilot light button, relight the flame using a long-handled lighter. After the pilot is lit, continue to hold down the button for a full minute and then release.

Final step – Turn the knob to the ON position and replace the cover.

Relighting your extinguished pilot light is a simple procedure usually requiring no outside assistance. Following the easy steps in this article, you will be able to reignite your pilot light and provide water to fill all your hot water demands. If you have any questions regarding water heaters, please contact us today. We are water heater experts in Irvine, Orange County, and the surrounding areas.

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