Drain Cleaning in Fullerton: 10 Things You Should Never Put Down the Drain

There are certain things that you should never put down the drain. If you accidentally throw them or flush them, it would cause great trouble. Even if you have a proper garbage disposal, you must avoid throwing certain substances to ensure that the drain continues to work properly. Otherwise, your life would be miserable. The following things should never be put down the down to avoid clogs.

  1. Coffee Grounds

One of the worst things that you can put down the drain is coffee grounds. As coffee grounds are not water-soluble, they end up mixing with oil or grease and butter. Thus, they coat the pipes and increase the risk of for clogs.

  1. Butter and Margarine

Another thing that you should never put down the drain is butter and margarine. Even if they are melted, butter and margarine congeal and build up with time. This results in water-resistant barriers being formed which can be quite impossible to clear on your own.

  1. Cooking Oil

The next thing that you should never be put down the drain is cooking oil. Just like butter and margarine, cooking oil clogs and mixes with other debris such as mayonnaise, sauces, and salad dressing. It results in sludge being created.

  1. Grease and Other Fats

Grease and other fats are just like oils. They are the leftover parts of cooking and can block the drain for good. Grease is known for clinging onto debris and blocking the inside of the pipes which makes clogs inevitable.

  1. Eggshells

There is no denying that eggshells are hard. They can damage the disposal blades. Besides this, the egg shell membranes wrap around the grinding device which can compound together and cause a blockage.

  1. Medication

If there is one thing that you should never put down the drain, it is medication. Even though there is no real danger to the pipes or drain, placing pharmaceuticals into the water is harmful for the environment. Therefore, it is best that you dispose old medication in a sealed container.

  1. Pasta

Pasta is possibly the worst thing that you can put down the drain. As noodles and pasta absorb water, they continue to expand as they are exposed to more water over time. Thus, the sticky flour gums up the pipes and fills the disposal trap.

  1. Rice

Rice is something that you should never put down the down. Even though rice grains can slip down the drain with you noticing, they end up absorbing more water and swelling once they enter the pipes.

  1. Flour

When flour mixes with water, it creates a glue-like substance that can clog up the pipes. Hence, you must avoid putting flour down the drain.

  1. Produce Stickers

Lastly, you must make sure that produce stickers do not make their way down the drain. Although they can easily fall off into the sink while you wash the produce, you need to keep in mind that they are not water-soluble and can cause trouble.

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