5 Causes of a Water Leak in Anaheim

A water leak might suggest roof problems. However, there are other causes of water leaks in Anaheim as well. If you want to know about the main sources of water leaks at your property, you need to read on.

A Spilled Drink

One of the causes of a water leak in Anaheim is a spilled drink. If someone at home spills a drink on the hardwood floor, water would leak into the cracks and make its way below the ceiling. It is something that can be easily fixed. However, it would lead to staining on the ceiling depending on the drink spilled and how long it had been left there. As the leak tends to be short-term, it would not cause any mold problems. In case staining does occur, you can prime and repaint it when dry.

Leaky Pipes

Another cause of a water leak is leaky pipes. A very slow leak or sudden leak can damage your home over time. Once you discover the leak, you must find its source and repair the pipes to put an end to the leaks. It would also help prevent any further problems. After fixing the pipes, you might also need to paint over the damaged walls or ceiling depending on the damage. If you observe any mold growth, you will have to get it removed before you repaint the area. The good news is that homeowners’ insurance covers the fixing of leaky pipes.

Flood Damage

A major cause of a water leak in Anaheim is flood damage. A severe storm is likely to cause drains to back up the water which would lead to water flowing into the house. It is crucial that you dry out the areas that get wet. It would help stop mold growth from spreading to other areas and causing health problems. Your homeowner’s insurance policy might also cover flood damage.

Sprinkler System Leak

In addition to the above, the water leak might be caused by the sprinkler system leaking. Properties that have built-in sprinkler systems will experience damage to their basements or foundations in case of a leak underground. If you notice any damaged or wet areas in the basement, you must get the sprinkler system checked immediately. Make sure to shut it off until it has been properly assessed. If there is unusually high water usage, it might be a sign of sprinkler system leakage.

Roof Wear or Damage

Lastly, roof wear or damage might be to blame for water leaks in Anaheim. Generally, the average life of a roof is 10 to 15 years. However, leaks can develop at any time due to insect infestation, animal infestation, storm damage, or other problems. Once again, your homeowner’s insurance might be able to cover damages caused by a storm. On the other hand, you should check your roof’s warranty if there is general wear and tear to find out if the repairs are covered. However, you will need to replace the entire roof in case of a large leak.

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