Do you need a sewer line repair in Dana Point? Well, you should know that if you suspect sewer line damage, you must contact a professional plumbing service immediately- stalling will only make matters worse. The sooner you get help, the less elaborate your plumbing bill. And since home insurance doesn’t cover plumbing emergencies, you better be on the lookout for potential problems!

Although lucky for you, we’ve listed the five major signs you need a sewer line repair:

#1: Toilet Bowl Water Level is Inconsistent

If your toilet bowl is at a different level every day, you might have a problem with your sewer line. Moreover, if the toilet backs up after flushing, you know it’s serious. But don’t worry, you can get a sewer line repair in Dana point without any hassle if you know where to look.

#2: Your Yard is Soggy & Full of Unwanted Visitors

If you have random unexplained puddles in your yard, it might be due to sewage problems. And while you might not necessarily mind it at the moment, it could cause big problems for you because it’s only a matter of time until all the sewage water backs up into your house. Not to mention, sewage attracts rodents and pests, so it won’t be long before they infiltrate your place. And bear in mind that unless you’re quick to act, mice will start nesting in your walls- which is something you definitely don’t want! So, what should you do? Get in touch with a service for sewer line repair in Dana Point and get your plumbing issues sorted right away.

#3: Drainage is Slow & Smelly

Slow drainage is not uncommon but that doesn’t mean it’s not serious! If your drains aren’t draining the way they should, you have a problem. But instead of trying to DIY your way through the problem with drain-cleaning products, you should contact a reliable service for sewer line repair in Dana Point, and have your sewage system checked. Also, while it’s normal for sewage to smell, it is definitely not normal for that smell to reach your house. So, if any part of your house smells like sewage, it indicates that your sewage line needs to be repaired immediately. Contact a professional plumber asap!

#4: Gurgling Sounds Coming from the Pipes

Another bad sign is gurgling sounds coming from your bathroom. It’s normal for toilets to make some noise when you flush them, but they shouldn’t be doing it when no one’s using them. So, if you hear gurgling or running water sounds coming from the bathroom when there’s no one there, you have either have a haunted bathroom or a damaged sewer. And you need a service for sewer line repair in Dana Point to catch the problem before it gets out of hand.

#5: Your Water Bills Are Higher Than Usual

If your water bills keep going up even when there’s no plausible reason as to why, then you might have leaking sewage, which obviously calls for a sewage line repair.

Need a Sewer Line Repair in Dana Point? Get Help Now!

If you suspect you need a sewer line repair in Dana Point, don’t put off calling the plumber! Hire a professional immediately and save yourself from an even bigger plumbing emergency!

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