Five Signs You Need to Replace Your Water Heater in Costa Mesa

Warm water has become a necessity in most households, but like all good things must come to an end, your water heater won’t last forever either! But don’t worry, because if you need a water heater replacement in Costa Mesa, we’ve got you covered! Water heaters usually last only eight or ten years, so even if it seems to be working just fine, it should be replaced after the ten-year period. And, of course, none of the signs can definitively tell if your water heater needs to be replaced. Thus, you must contact a professional service for water heater replacement in Costa Mesa, so they can guide you on when your water heater really needs to be replaced and also do it for you.

Nevertheless, here are a few indicators that your water heater is nearing its end:

#1: It’s Old & Rusty

Like we already mentioned, water heaters tend to last only ten years, that too if they are adequately maintained. Thus, it’s always better to have your water heater replaced after it passes that period, even if there’s nothing apparently wrong with it. You can check your water heater’s age by the manufacturer’s sticker somewhere on the heater. Plus, sometimes you might notice rusty bits in your hot water, which means your heater is rusting, and thus, will not last long. Rusty water, rusty inlets and outlets, and rusty pipes- all point towards a rotting water heater in urgent need of replacement.

#2: It’s Noisy

Your water heater can sometimes make rumbling sounds due to sediment build-up. For this, you can simply flush your water heating tank regularly to increase its overall life expectancy. However, things are not always so simple, so it’s best that you contact a service for water heater replacement in Costa Mesa so that the professional plumbers can guide you as per your situation.

#3: It Doesn’t Work

Is your water heater suddenly acting up?

Well, maybe you need to get it fixed or even replaced altogether! While your water heater can stop working optimally due to a broken heating element or an improperly adjusted thermostat, the problem might be more serious, like a tank that’s too small for your house. So, if you think your heater isn’t heating as much water as it used to, don’t wait and contact an authorized service provider for water heater replacement in Costa Mesa.

#4: Needs Too Many Repairs

If your water heater is leaking, it might not always be possible to repair it. Also, if you need to get your heater repaired more than a few times a year, it’s better to just get a new one instead.

#5: Your Heating Bills Are Too High

Water heaters use up a good amount of electricity, but if your heating bill is out of control, you can almost be sure that your heater needs to be replaced. So, get your water heater checked by a service for water heater replacement in Costa Mesa.

Need Water Heater Replacement in Costa Mesa?

Water heater replacement is inevitable, so you need to know who to call for water heater replacement in Costa Mesa, and more importantly when to call them. If you start noticing any of the above signs, don’t delay and get professional help immediately!

The Bottom-line

If your water heater is acting up in Orange County, contact us today for a diagnosis. Looking for professional plumber in Orange County? We can help you with your water heater issues in Orange County! Give us a call today and we can guide you through your options! (949) 775-4682

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