As this Halloween holiday approaches, plumbing might be the last thing on your mind. However, your plumbing system can take a beating during holidays and when you have many people in your home. Here are some great plumbing tips to consider this Halloween weekend so you don’t end up with a plumbing nightmare!

Don’t Put Pumpkin Guts in the Garbage Disposal

When carving pumpkins this Halloween, it’s important to remember how to properly dispose of “pumpkin guts”. The insides of a pumpkin are stringy and can cause clogs if you put them in the garbage disposal. And, pumpkin seeds can also cause drain clogs. Remember to throw your pumpkin guts in the garbage can and not down the drain!

Watch Where You Throw Candy Wrappers

Sometimes kids can get careless when throwing away candy wrappers. Putting them down the sink drain or even flushing them down the toilet can cause serious plumbing problems. Remember to always throw your wrappers in the trash and give your plumbing system a break!

Look Out for Make-Up Wipes!

Make-up remover wipes are a big hit on Halloween for removing costume make-up. It is important to remember that they should be thrown away in the trash and not flushed down the toilet. Make-up wipes, like baby wipes, can gather in your plumbing system and cause serious drain clogs!

The Bottom-line

Remember to always keep these tips in mind this Halloween weekend and you can avoid a costly plumbing nightmare. If you happen to have a plumbing problem this weekend, we are here to help! Give us a call today and we can guide you through your options! (949) 393-0933