Descaling Your Pipes: What Is It?

Pipe descaling is a process by which accumulated minerals and build up are removed from the inside of a plumbing pipe. Usually performed by a licensed plumber, descaling your pipes is a great way to clean drain clogs and make your plumbing system work better. At bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of Orange County, we have many years of experience descaling pipes for our customers! Here are some common signs you need to descale your pipes

  • Slow Clearing Drains: When your drains are slow to clear, you could have sediment build-up inside your drains and pipes. Descaling the insides of the pipes is a great way to clean them and ensure better drainage. A hydro jetting service might also be a good alternative.
  • Bubbling Noises: Do you often hear bubbling noises when near your drains? When water flow gets obstructed, you hear this noise and could be a sign you need to descale.
  • Water Leaks: When your pipes have blockages, they put unnecessary stress on the system. This can cause leakage at the seems.

So, Why Should You Descale Your Plumbing Pipes?

Your plumbing system is the only way for water to flow in and out of your home. Naturally, overtime hardened scale buildup will accumulate on the insides of your pipes and restrict water flow. A pipe descaling removes the mineral buildup from calcium and magnesium in your system. Here are some reasons why you should consider a scaling…

  • Reduce Energy Bills: When you remove scaling from your pipes, you allow water to flow more easily through the system. Scale buildup in a water heater can cause the heater to run more inefficiently and waste gas and electricity usage.
  • Keep Your Pipes Healthy: Over time, sediment buildup on the insides of your pipes will create a weak pipe and can lead to a pipe burst or crack.
  • Hard Water: Homes that have hard water are more prone to scale build up in the pipes. A descaling will correct the issue temporarily, but if you have hard water you should consider a water softener system. These systems will remove the hard minerals in water that can affect your appliances too – like your washing machine and shower lines. Read more about softener systems for water here.

Looking for a pipe descaling in Orange County? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We have descaled miles of piping for homeowners all throughout Orange County and can help you with your plumbing system today! Call us now 949-393-0933!

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