Sewer Lining in Orange County: Everything You Need to Know

Simply hearing that you have a cracked sewer line or damaged sewer pipe is enough to make you cringe. If you’re like most Orange County homeowners, sewer lines are complicated and a broken sewer line just sounds expensive. In addition to the cost, having a sewage issue can be hazardous to you and your family’s health. Having sewage backup in your home is never fun. You may notice foul odors, and if you have sewage leaking into your bathtub, it makes it impossible to bathe.

For many years, the only way to repair a damaged sewer line was to dig up the bad pipes and replace them. This can be very costly and inconvenient as you need to dig-up your yard or floor. Thanks to modern technology advancements, there are new ways to handle cracked pipes that might be buried beneath your home or front yard. Sewer lining is a great way to efficiently repair sewer pipes for less cost and less mess. We will explain below…

First, What is Sewer Lining?

The process of sewer lining is placing a sewer liner (a fiberglass tune) into a damaged sewer pipe. Rather than having to dig out the damaged pipe, sewer line plumbers in Orange County, only need to access the damaged pipe from a single access point. Once the liner is placed into the damaged line, heat and steam are used to cure the liner and seal the break. A sewer liner will last decades if laid properly, and will protect your pipes from future damage from tree roots, which are the main cause of sewer line issues. A sewer liner can fill cracks, and even missing pipe sections if done properly.

So, How Does It Work?

Sewer lining service can be done quickly without having to dig out the existing pipe. In most scenarios, a sewer lining is installed directly into the pipe after a cleaning. It is very important to clean the sewer line using hydro jetting prior to installing a sewer lining. This helps the lining adhere properly to the pipe. After the cleaning, your plumber will insert the pre-measured line into your pipe and use heat and steam to adhere it to the inside of the sewer pipe. The pipe liner can be cured into place in approximately 45 minutes, leaving a strong, solidified sewer pipe. After the liner is set, we typically like to perform a camera inspection to ensure that it is cured properly.

Why is a Sewer Lining in Orange County Ideal?

Because many towns like Irvine and Dana Point, were settled after World War II when soldiers sought work and sunshine in California, the homes are many decades old. These older sewer lines were built using clay pipes, and clay pipes are great candidates for sewer liners. In addition, many of the homes in Orange County are built upon concrete slabs, making accessing the sewer pipes even more difficult. When you have a slab leak in Rancho Santa Margarita or in Irvine, you may want to consider a sewer liner.

What are the Benefits of a Sewer Lining Service?

Because we do not need to dig up your yard or house to perform a sewer lining service, it is often referred to as a “trenchless sewer repair service”. Here are some of the common benefits of a trenchless sewer repair vs. a traditional repair…

  • No digging up the landscaping you spent years to make look nice.
  • Much less expensive. Traditional repair can be tens of thousands of dollars. Trenchless repair is much less expensive.
  • It’s a faster repair so you can begin using your sewer system again quicker.
  • Because there is no digging, we won’t run the risk of rupturing a gas line or electrical line.
  • You do not have to worry about structural damage to your home.

A sewer lining is a great alternative to traditional sewer repair.

So, What is Next?

Interested in trenchless sewer repair for your home, call us today for a diagnosis. Our first step is to evaluate your pipe leak and to determine that you do have a sewer leak. Once we figure that out, we will evaluate where the leak is in the line and your sewer system access points. There are also a few other methods of trenchless sewer repair that we can also present that are good alternatives to digging up your floor or yard. Once we present the information and construct a plan, we can begin work repairing your sewer line! Call us today for a diagnosis (949) 393-0933

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