Water Leak in Orange County: 5 Signs You Might Have One

Water leaks in Orange County can be devastating, but if you’re keen enough, you can prevent a major plumbing problem like a leaky pipe or broken water line. You do not always have to wait until your room is flooded to call an emergency plumber. Watch out for these top 5 water leak signs, and you can save yourself some money and a headache!

1. High Water Usage Could Mean a Water Leak

Do you notice that your water bill is abnormally high? This is a great indicator that you might have a hidden water leak! If you are like many Orange County residents, our lives are busy. Thinking about hidden water leaks in our homes is the last thing on our minds. If you’re water bills seem too high, call your local Orange County plumber to give your water lines a check. If you do not have a trusted plumber, we would be happy to assist. Please call us today (949) 393-0933.

2. Mold

Do you notice mold growing out of no where? Maybe it is under your sink or on your ceiling. This indicates that you might have a hidden water leak. For example, if you notice mold on your ceiling and there is a bathroom directly upstairs, the shower or toilet could be leaking. Also, if you happen to smell musty odors, this is the first way to detect mold growth. Mold can be very dangerous to you and your family if not treated immediately. Please read this article from the CDC on mold growth in homes.

3. Moisture

Are you noticing moisture on your walls or under your sink? This is an indicator that you have a water line break or a leak. To check, run your fingers under your sink and feel for damp wallboard. Also, if you notice paint bubbling, this could also be a sign of unwanted moisture.

4. Low Water Pressure

Is it getting increasingly harder to wash off the soap in the shower due to low water pressure. This is an indication that you have a major water leak somewhere in your plumbing system. The leak is causing your pipes to depressurize and you should call an emergency plumber today to diagnose the issue!

5. Sounds of Water Running

Do you hear the sound of flowing water, but you’re not sure where its coming from? If all of your faucets are turned off and you still hear the sound, you should consider calling a leak detection specialist today. We are leak detection and water leak specialists in Orange County. Check out this article here on leak detection. In addition, if you’re like many Orange County homeowners whose homes are built on top of concrete slabs, this water leak could be a slab leak. Not sure what to do? Check out this article here on slab leaks in Orange County.
Water leaks are a nightmare for most homeowners and addressing them quickly will save you time and stress. Do not wait until it is too late to call your plumber. Be on the lookout for these common signs of water leaks, and you are ahead of the game!

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