Rancho Santa Margarita Slab Leak: How Bad Is It?

So, you’re living in Rancho Santa Margarita, California and you think you have a slab leak? How bad can it be? Do not fret, we are here to describe the top 4 dangers of slab leaks. If you think you might have a leak, call us immediately before you have permanent damage (949) 775-4682.

1. Slab Leaks Can Ruin Floors and Carpets

When you have a leak beneath your home’s concrete slab, water will seep into your home. It has no choice but to go upward and can ruin your hardwood floors, crack flooring tiles, and waterlog carpets. If you think you might have a slab leak, you need to call an emergency plumbing in Rancho Santa Margarita immediately. If you are not sure if you have a leak, check out this article on the common signs of slab leaks.

2. Slab Leaks Can Create Mold

When excess water from a slab leaks creeps into your home, it will seep into wood and drywall. Wet drywall leads to mold growth and can create unsanitary living conditions for you and your family. Not sure what to do if you have a slab leak in Rancho Santa Margarita? Check out these tips on slab leak repairs here.

3. Damage to Your Yard

When slab leaks erupt beneath your yard’s surface, they can cause great damage to your yard. The leak can flood your landscaping or grass and create many headaches. If the leak occurs under a pool surface, patio, or walkway, these structures can also be damaged.

4. Damage Your Home’s Foundation

If you’re like many homeowners in Rancho Santa Margarita, you do not have a basement and your home rests on top of a concrete slab. This slab is critical to the structure and well-being of your home. Slab leaks can cause great damage to your home’s foundation and weaken its structure. If you think you might have a leaking slab in Rancho Santa Margarita or the surrounding Orange County cities, call us immediately (949) 775-4682.
Homes that were built upon concrete labs have their advantages and disadvantages. When your plumbing system beneath your concrete slab breaks, and you have a leak, it can cause great damage to the structural integrity of your home. Rancho Santa Margarita residents with slab leaks should call an emergency plumber immediately before it is too late. Here is some additional information on slab leaks from Angie’s List.

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