What to do if You Have a Slab Leak in Brea, CA…

If you live in Brea, Fullerton, or the surrounding Orange County cities, you might not be aware of a major problem that could be lurking. As a responsible homeowner, it is always best to address issues with your home immediately and to be proactive in preventing any future issues from occurring – like slab leaks. A slab leak is a plumbing issue that could cause major problems in your home if you are not careful. Here is our guide to understanding and addressing slab leaks in Orange County, CA…

First Things First, What is a Slab Leak?

Lots of homes in Brea, Fullerton, and the surrounding areas were built on concrete slabs. If you do not have a basement in your home, yours probably was too! Because your plumbing system needs to connect to your drains, toilets, and showers, a lot of the plumbing pipes are buried under your concrete slab. When a pipe breaks, it causes a slab leak which can lead to many other problems as discussed below.

Common Signs You Might Have a Slab Leak

Not sure if you have a slab leak? Here are some of those most common signs of slab leaks in Brea.

  • You hear running water. If you hear running water but do not have any faucets turned on, you might have a slab leak.
  • Abnormally high water bills. If you notice that your water bills are abnormally high, you might have a slab leak. The excess water leaking below your home’s slab is causing excess usage on your bill.
  • Hot spots on the floor. If you notice hot spots on the floor in your home, it is an indication that a hot water line is broken below the surface.

Interested in learning more about the common signs of slab leaks? Read our article here on the top 5 Reasons You Might Have a Slab Leak.

What Should I do?

If you think you might have a slab leak, you should call an emergency plumber in Brea, Fullerton, or your local Orange County city right away. You can also call us today (949) 393-0933. Here are some things a certified plumber can do to fix your slab leak…

  • Repair to damaged section. If the pipe has minimal damage, your trusted plumber can simply repair the leak. The plumber can simply replace the pipe section and fittings, or the plumber can line the pipe with epoxy lining to seal the leak.
  • Reroute the pipe. If the leak is bad, the plumber can re-route the pipe above ground.
  • Re-piping. If all of your pipes are old, the plumber may have to re-pipe your entire house. Here is a great article on our re-piping services.

Your slab leak might even be covered by your homeowners insurance. Read this great article here by Allstate Insurance on slab leak coverage. Need more advice on slab leaks? We are here to lend our professional plumbing advice. Give us a call today!