5 Plumbing New Year’s Resolutions

Plumbing Problems? New Year’s Resolutions? You must be crazy! Yes, we had that thought too, but if you are a homeowner keeping up with regular maintenance of your plumbing system can save you thousands of dollars over time. This year, we’re here to give you some simple plumbing resolutions that will prevent plumbing issues from occurring and save you time! Get 2021 off on the right foot by following these trusted plumbing tips…

1.) I Will Avoid Punishing My Drain.

Preventing things like hair, oils, and coffee grounds from going down the drain is a great start! We suggest buying a drain cover or mesh cover for your drains to keep them clean and unclogged in 2021!

2.) I Vow to Call a Plumber When I’m Unsure.

If you’re like most homeowners, you’ve probably said, “I can do that myself.” Or maybe you’ve thought, “that’s no biggie, let me get my tools.” While it’s great to be handy, sometimes plumbing repairs are outside the normal realm of handiness. Knowing when to call in professional plumber reinforcements will save you money in 2021!

3.) I Will Watch a YouTube Video Before I Use a Plumbing Tool.

It’s great to have the right tools on hand, but knowing how to use them can be half the battle. Before you pull out that snake to unclog a drain, promise us you will watch a “how-to” YouTube video first! Here is a great video on how to use common plumbing tools! Enjoy!

4.) I Will Check for Slab Leaks.

If you’re like most in southern California, you’re home was built on a concrete slab. If the plumbing system near your slab begins to leak, it can be a disaster. Promise us that you will regularly check for slab leaks in 2021. Here is a great blog post from us on common slab leak signs.

5.) I Won’t Pour Chemicals Down My Drain without Calling My Plumber First.

While some plumbing chemicals can help, and are even marketed to clear drain clogs, check with us first! Some chemical drain cleaners are notorious for corroding pipes and creating bigger plumbing issues down the road. Give us a call if you’re not sure what to use!
To help avoid major plumbing issues, it is important to stick to these New Year’s resolutions. Having a regular maintenance schedule in place with your trusted plumber, can help you save thousands of dollars over the long haul. The small cost of an evaluation is worth the peace of mind knowing you do not have major plumbing problems. 2020 was a crazy enough year for all of us, let’s not turn 2021 into a disaster of plumbing issues!