5 Common Water Heater Problems

Most people do not realize the convenience of hot water until its cold. Basic household chores like washing dishes and laundry rely on hot water. Not to mention, taking a cold shower is not for the faint of heart. Having a reliable hot water heater is key to your everyday convenience. These common hot water heater problems are good warning signs to look out for to ensure your comfort.

1. Not Enough Hot Water

Simple enough, right? We have all experienced this before. You wake up early on a chilly morning looking forward to a nice hot shower before work, and 2 minutes into your shower you are rudely awoken with ice cold water. You might not have hot water for several reasons: (1) the thermostat on your water heater might not be functioning properly, (2) your hot water heater is not big enough to meet the hot water needs of your household and the water needs to re-heat. If your thermostat needs to be checked, call your local plumber as this is usually a simple fix. If your family is constantly running out of hot water, you might consider upgrading to a larger tank or a tankless water heater. Here is some great information on tankless water heaters and how they work.


2. No Hot Water at All

First things first, is the pilot light on? If you’re not sure how to check this, you should be able to see a small flame towards the base of the tank through a small finger-sized opening. If you do not see a small flame burning, you should call an experienced plumber right away to solve the problem.


3. Your Tank is Leaking

If you notice signs of rust around your tank, it could be a sign of a water leak. Sadly, this might mean it is time to replace it. If you do not fix a leaking water tank, you run the risk of a rupture and a flood in your basement or home. This could end up costing you thousands of dollars more than just simply replacing the tank. Call us today for a free estimate on a new hot water heater or on a tankless water heater.


4. Rust-Colored Water in Your Faucets

Sometimes sediment can build up in your water tank over the years and cause your water to turn a rust color. A simple way to fix this problem is to flush your tank. If that does not due the trick, you could also replace your anode rod. This could add years of life to your water heater. Not sure what to do? You can call us for a free estimate today.


5. Your Water has a Foul Smell

Is your water from your sinks and showers has a foul odor? It could mean that you have bacteria in your tank. You can simply fix this by flushing your tank with the proper chemicals. Be sure to call your trusted local plumber for some advice!
Hot water heaters are a modern essential to living a comfortable life. It is important that you make sure your heater is healthy and functioning properly. New technology, like tankless heaters, also make a great alternative and can save you money. Here is some more information on water heaters. Call bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of Orange County to discuss any of your water heater questions or needs!

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