Do You Need to Repipe Your House?

Doing a complete house repipe is a massive task to take on. However, most times, it is unavoidable and highly recommended. Factors like slab leaks and old piping systems may prompt a homeowner to get their entire house repiped. Here are a few signs you may need to do a whole house repipe.

You’re Always Paying for Plumbing Repairs

Are you always calling a plumber to perform repairs in your house? For example, you got a plumber five times in the last six months, these are signs your whole home needs a repipe.
New piping will undoubtedly get rid of persistent plumbing issues. The new system will also eliminate any unsightly patches of plumbing work done over time.
Water Line

Slab Leaks

If your slabs are continually leaking, you certainly need a whole house repipe. Slab leaks are evident in water lines running down the concrete walls to the foundation. Such leaks typically result from copper pipes that have been corroded over a long period of time.
These leaks can lead to high water bills, structural problems, and foundation damage to your home. If you are experiencing slab leaks, it may be time to repipe your entire home.

Old Homes-Repipe your House

Piping systems installed in the ’90s and earlier differ greatly from the systems today. Traditional piping involved the use of chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC), lead and copper pipes. Today, cross-linked polyethylene flexible tubing, better known as PEX, is widely used.
If you have an older home, chances are you’re experiencing plumbing issues from the old and undoubtedly corroded systems. You might want to consider repiping your entire house to alleviate more plumbing issues in the future. Moreover, lead pipes can potentially pose significant health risks.
Old piping systems also tend to hold a lot of sediments, resulting in reduced water pressure. The buildup can also cause severe clogging. Repiping the whole house with modern PEX pipes will restore the pipe network, correct pressure and ensure better quality drinking water. Modern PEX pipes have higher longevity and will make your home more sustainable.

Need to Remodel or Resell your Home

If you plan to remodel your home, installing new plumbing fixtures will make it feel like new. A whole-house repipe during the remodeling process will save you time and money from potential future repairs.
You may also want to do a complete house repipe before selling your house. This will help to increase your home’s value, and you will benefit financially if planning to sell.

Whether you have an old home, leaking slabs, or are always paying for plumbing repairs, it might be time you repiped your whole house. A complete house repipe will improve the quality of water, save you from constant maintenance, increase the piping system’s longevity, and raise the value of your home.