Common Issues With Home Sewer Pipes

A home sewer pipe is an essential part of your plumbing system, despite being located outside of your home. However, there some common things that can go wrong with your home sewer pipes. If there is an issue with the sewer system, you will experience various subsequent problems with the plumbing, hygiene, and air quality in your home. Some situations may quickly spiral into a disaster that could potentially lead to an evacuation. This article looks at some of the common things that may go wrong with your home’s sewer pipes.

Clogging in your Home Sewer Pipes

A sewer line clogging occurs when you flush items that neither break apart in water nor flow smoothly. Common items that cause clogging could include kitty litter, diapers, and wipes. In some cases, the interior of your sewer line may break down and block the flow. Clogging may happen without warning or may take some time. Immediate blockage may cause a backup. However, if it takes longer than usual, you may notice:

  • Water from upper plumbing fixtures drains into lower ones
  • Gurgling noises when water drains down the sink
  • Slow draining of water

Tree Roots Penetrate the Sewer Line

Roots naturally grow towards a source of water. If the ground is very dry or the type of trees you have require a lot of water, their roots may break the sewer line to access the fluid. Roots may cause a blockage on the line or break down the pipe. When this happens, you may notice the signs of clogging. You can prevent this from occuring by planting trees at a safe distance from the line, watering your trees during the dry season, and not planting water-loving plants, if your area is generally dry.
broken sewer pipe


Your sewer liner may leak into your basement or yard. You may notice that sections of your lawn look greener than others in patches where the line passes. If the leakage is close to the basement, you may notice a pungent smell in it or the entire home. There may also be multiple leakages along the line, especially if it has not been inspected for a while. Furthermore, if there have been recent earthquake tremors near your home, the sudden shift of the ground may also cause fractures in the piping, causing leaks.

Faulty Valves

The municipal authority installs a valve at the junction between your line and one owned by them to prevent higher-pressure sewer from flowing back to your home. This valve may fail after some time and cause your toilets to back up. With time, this may cause your house to flood with the foul-smelling water. If you do not have the issue sorted fast, you may need to decontaminate your home or deal with substantial flooding.

Have Your Sewer Line Issue Sorted Fast.

If you observe any of these issues in your Huntington Beach, CA home, contact Bluefrog Plumbing service. We are available around the clock to handle emergency plumbing problems both big and small. We have a professional team and the required equipment for speedy sewer repairs. Remember that time is of the essence with home sewer pipe problems. The longer you wait, the more you are likely to incur high repair costs and experience damage to other parts of your home.